Smart Wi-Fi control system with wattmeter to optimize the use of PV plant overflows to thermal appliances and hot water vessels such as boilers, storage tanks, swimming pools, etc. Enables direct wireless communication with PV inverters or stand-alone functionality. Remote control and monitoring via the IoTmeter mobile app.
€196.00 incl tax

The PV-router is a smart Wi-Fi control system for optimizing the use of PV plant overflows to thermal appliances and domestic hot water vessels.

It allows both direct wireless communication with supported PV inverter models (in which case the PV-router can be placed directly next to the appliance) and independent operation based on its own measurement (the PV-router is placed on a DIN rail typically in the main switchboard of the building where it measures the consumption/supply on a given phase).

The PV-router dynamically controls the output of the SSR relay that feeds typically a boiler or storage tank. A second transformer measures the energy delivered through the SSR relay.

The SSR relay is not included in the scope of delivery, for example type RGC1A23D15KKE (Carlo Gavazzi) can be used.

The PV-router allows the power to the thermal load to be continuously controlled via the SSR relay. The power is rationed so as to make maximum use of the surplus from the PV plant and at the same time to avoid unnecessary power draw from the grid when the surplus is lower than the rated power of the thermal appliance.

The control settings are made using a mobile app available for free download on Google Play and the App Store.