IoT meter

Smart WiFi electricity meter for managing building power consumption and optimizing electric vehicle charging with dynamic load balancing, remote control and monitoring via mobile app or PC. SOLD ONLY WITH WALLBOX!
€256.00 incl tax

The IoT meter is used to intelligently control charging stations for electric vehicles. It dynamically balances the electric vehicle charging load - adjusting the charging current based on the available unused power of the entire facility. It allows - depending on the settings - to prioritize charging during low tariff times and charging from the PV plant's overflow.

It works directly with EVmate charging stations and is able to control and balance the power of up to 10 charging stations.

The IoT meter is placed in the main switchboard on a DIN rail. The current is measured indirectly using split-core metering transformers. It communicates with the charging station via RS485 bus.

Download datasheet here.