A few words about the certification of the EVmate charger

What are the general product requirements?

In addition to fulfilling the function you expect of it as a user, every product introduced on the market must also be assessed by the required standards applicable to the common market or, where applicable, to the specific country. The manufacturer or importer may not place on the market a product that does not meet the requirements. This fact is proved by the manufacturer or importer for the given product with a certificate of compliance with the relevant standards and regulations.

What does the CE mark on our product mean ?

With the CE marking, we declare that our EVmate charger has been manufactured in accordance with the relevant standards and regulations and meets all the requirements defined by them, including the level of quality required. In practice, this means that our EVmate charger meets the requirements of electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility, has the required parameters with regard to the effects of the environment and is mechanically OK. It is also composed of components that meet the relevant standards while complying with environmental regulations.

Why do we value our certificate?

Our EVmate charger has undergone a demanding certification by the largest authority in the Czech Republic, the Electrotechnical Testing Institute (EZÚ). This institute has been building its reputation since 1926. Therefore, our certificate is not just an ordinary statement based on good faith that the product meets the standards, as is often the case. We have really had our EVmate charger fully tested, in cooperation with our component suppliers, and have gone through the entire testing process. We are therefore able to document not only the certificate, but also the results and protocols of testing. Thanks to this, we have the opportunity to ensure the highest quality of our production and our customers, and you can therefore fully rely on our product.

What does our EVmate charger have to meet?

Our EVmate charger has been tested for electromagnetic compatibility, which very simply means that its operation does not affect other electrical devices. As an example, it will not during its' operation, "disturb" your TV or cause unpleasant sounds in your electrical wiring at home, etc. The EVmate charger was "tortured" by cold, heat and humidity during the tests. Last but not least, it was subjected to mechanical testing, so it was examined how long it would actually last. Based on the results of EZÚ testing, our EVmate charger is fully qualified, and in some cases even exceeds the standard requirements. For example, it is designed to be more waterproof, its body is a non-flammable material and we have also equipped this UV protection with which the material of the charger body does not age. Our EVmate charger has been found to be a completely safe device for its user, meaning that its operation is safe and fully complies with health and property protection. standards.