EVmate 01/1-1-16 STR

Single phase wallbox 1x16A / 3,7kW with charging connector type 1
SKU: evmate01/1-1-16 STR
€919.60 incl tax

EVmate wallbox for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids charging with dynamic load management with direct wireless connection to PV inverters.

Suitable for installations with selected PV inverters. Wallbox uses for dynamic load management function inverter data without the need to install its own metering. The connection between the inverter and the EVmate wallbox uses a local Wi-Fi network (both devices need to be connected to the same network).

Wallbox EVmate works with Goodwe inverters (ES/EM/SBP with ARM15 firmware version and higher, ET/BT/EH/BH/EHB with ARM13 firmware version and higher), Victron Energy and Solax (wi-fi connection required).

Other models and types of inverters are gradually added and backward compatibility is solved by a simple remote update of the charging station firmware.
Wallbox is easy to install without the need to wire the station to the building's energy balance measurement for dynamic control of charging performance.
The charging station can be controlled and configured using a custom mobile app (Android and iOS) available for free download.