Buying a charger does not mean everything!

Be trendy! We offer you the possibility to customize the look of the charger to your liking. Or maybe you bought another electric car and your EVmate charging connector does not fit it, choose a new charging cable with the connector for your car and give your charger another chance (changing the cable will require professional installation). Alternatively, you do choose from accessories that suit every electric car.


Smart WiFi electricity meter for managing building power consumption and optimizing electric vehicle charging with dynamic load balancing, remote control and monitoring via mobile app or PC. SOLD ONLY WITH WALLBOX!

€256.00 incl tax


RF module for wireless communication

€116.00 incl tax


Smart Wi-Fi add-on module with wattmeter to enhance the functionality of the charging station.

€236.00 incl tax


Smart Wi-Fi control system with wattmeter to optimize the use of PV plant overflows to thermal appliances and hot water vessels such as boilers, storage tanks, swimming pools, etc. Enables direct wireless communication with PV inverters or stand-alone functionality. Remote control and monitoring via the IoTmeter mobile app.

€196.00 incl tax


RS485/TCP is a converter that enables transparent and bidirectional conversion between MODBUS TCP and MODBUS RTU. Simple configuration using a built-in web-based interface, known as a captive portal, provides users with an intuitive platform to quickly set up and manage devices without the need for complex programming or external software. Configuration suitable for STR versions of EVmate charging stations.

€55.96 incl tax